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AlertPay – PayPal Alternative Online Payment Process

Online payments – to receive money online and pay online, is a very important point in online business (obviously!).

Using the right and secure way for your online payments is what everyone is seeking. PayPal for instant is a very known and top secure payment process, most of us and most of the programs are using.

Unfortunately not everyone can get a paypal account, as it is only open for some countries, and for other countries it is only allowed to pay through it (no receiving).

AlertPay is an alternative to PayPal that is open to more countries than paypal. It works the same as paypal, and more better it has lower transaction rates compared to PayPal.

AlertPay is not a new company, it is well know and as secure as paypal – have been on business since 2004.

AlertPay is a Canadian Registered Corporation voluntarily compliant with the regulations of the OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada), FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) and FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network).

AlertPay online payments

AlertPay Personal Accounts:

  • Send money to anyone with an email
  • Receive money
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to use

AlertPay Business Accounts

  • Accept payments online
  • Accept credit card and bank payments
  • Low fees
  • Account security

Send Money Online Using AlertPay

Send Money allows you to pay anyone with an email address even if they don’t have an AlertPay account (yet)!

1. Use AlertPay for these common personal reasons:

* Pay friends for used books and furniture.
* Send money to your family or friends.
* Settle a tab or a debt.

Member to Member Transfer
Once you are an AlertPay member, you can login to your AlertPay account and initiate a transfer to another AlertPay member (assuming you have sufficient funds in your account already). Simply click on the Send Money tab and enter the recipient’s email address and the amount of money you wish to send. The funds will be transferred from your account to the recipient’s account in real time (instantly) and both parties will receive a confirmation email for proof of payment.

Member to Non-Member Transfer
AlertPay members can send money to non-AlertPay members. These Non-AlertPay members will receive an email informing them that they have received money through AlertPay and that they must complete the FREE registration process to claim their funds. Once they complete the process, they will have access to their funds. And best of all, this new member counts as one of your referrals!

2. Use AlertPay to shop online:

Once you’ve added funds to your account, shop at any online business that uses AlertPay and know that your identity is protected. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Start an online purchase from a business website and complete your payment in the AlertPay secured network.

Step 2: AlertPay processes the transaction in real time and saves it in your payment history. AlertPay sends only payment confirmation to merchants in order for them to complete your purchase.

Step 3: AlertPay sends both you and the business a confirmation email containing your reference number. That’s it!

Request Money Online Using AlertPay

Request Money allows you to request money from anyone with an email address.

Request money for common personal and business reasons:

* Remind friends of debts owed.
* Organize payments for group activities.
* Invite someone to pay you using AlertPay.
* Send payment requests to buyers of your items.

Member to Member Request
Once you are an AlertPay member, you can login to your AlertPay account and initiate a request payment to another AlertPay member. Simply click on the Request Money tab and enter the recipient’s email address and the amount of money you are requesting. The other party will receive a request notification allowing them to accept your request. Once accepted you will receive your payment in real time.

Member to Non-Member Request
AlertPay members can request money from non-AlertPay members. A Non-AlertPay member will receive an email informing them that they have received a payment request from an AlertPay member and that they must complete the FREE registration process to fulfill the request. Once they complete the process, they will then be able to accept your request and you will receive your funds in real time. And best of all, this new member counts as one of your referrals!

Selling Online Using AlertPay

Selling online has never been easier. Payments are easy and convenient

Begin accepting payments from your customers with AlertPay sell online tools. Customers can use their credit card to pay for your product/service or use AlertPay’s several funding options to add money to their AlertPay account:

* Money Order/Check
* Bank Transfer
* Bank Wire

Sell Online tools enable you to accept payments on your website in a matter of minutes. Integration is easy by simply copying and pasting the code into website or email. No complicated programming. You handle your business and AlertPay will handle your payments.

AlertPay Selling Tools:

* “Buy Now” or “Subscribe Now” buttons
* Mass Payments
* Instant Payment Notification
* Subscription/Recurring Billing
* Business Sub-Account
* Terms of Service and Refund policy

AlertPay is your Secure and Fast way to pay online
AlertPay Payment Process (paying and receiving) is Free To Join Now!

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  1. Been using paypal like 2 years now.. and i did used alertpay before to fund my scam investment activities lols.. but now i no longer use alertapay.

  2. Timmby says:

    AlertPay offers a good service, and is open for almost all countries. I have been using it for a while now and never had any problem with it :)

  3. Gabe A says:

    Interesting site, I’ve been personally looking at using but this appears to be an inexpensive alternative.

  4. Lara Rosario says:

    Great article resource of the online payment process.

    Paypal is safe and secured, I am using it for a year now. But it seems that alertpay offers a good service also.

  5. MindBlogger says:

    I too personally believe AlertPay is the PayPal killer in some countries, including mine. PayPal is not offered here. But AlertPay is..


  6. Jakes says:

    Alertpay is in my eyes the best and only payment processor to use, for many years my country (South Africa) was excluded from the international market, we couldn’t sell no where, because we could not receive payments here, only the expensive way of bank transfers.
    Now alertpay work like paypal in many countries here, with no problems.
    Thanks Alertpay

    • Graziella says:

      I am from South Africa and finding it hard to get money into my Alertpay account. I have FNB bank account, not sure how this bank wire transfer works. Can anyone please help me with this process.

  7. Derive Host says:

    We would like to get more information.

    Web Hosting Sri Lanka

  8. bejano says:

    I have some funds on my account on AlertPlay. Does anyone know shops on line, where I can pay through AlertPay ?

  9. says:

    [...] PayPal is not worldwide (many countries can’t use), MoneyBookers (as well as AlertPay) has open the process of sending and receiving money online through an email address, to people all [...]

  10. ivandragomilov says:

    can i send money to my paypal account with using alertplay account??

    • Roseate says:

      I am not sure about that …

      But you may withdraw your money from AlertPay through Bank Transfer and Check.

      You may contact them to see if they transfer to PayPal.

  11. [...] PayPal is not worldwide (many countries can’t use), MoneyBookers (as well as AlertPay) has open the process of sending and receiving money online through an email address, to people all [...]

  12. Chris says:

    Until recently I hadn’t heard of AlertPay, until I was forced to join same (on July 17th) in order to transact a payment with an organisation (based in the US) – who used them as a payment intermediary.

    Suffice it to say, I’ll not go into detail here with regard to the my encounter with this outfit, however in all my experience in business, I’ve never had the misfortune to deal with an organisation run on such incompetence and ineptitude. Thier service is utterly abysmal and it’s pretty obvious that they don’t give a damn about their customers. If this company had been based within the UK, the Financial Services Authority would have shut them down a long time ago. Given the choice I’d rather do business with Al Qaeda!

    What a way to run a business!

    Unfortunately the US organisation I was dealing with didn’t use PayPal – if they had, then my transaction with them would have been concluded on day one – done and dusted!

    Do yourself a big favour and steer clear of this utterly useless organisation.

  13. Roseate says:

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear that, but your problem was with that company, NOT AlertPay….

  14. Charlotte says:

    I’ve come across a company who is requesting we us alertpay to complete a transaction. I’m trying to find out, if for whatevere reason the seller doesnt come through with the goods, am I able to claim my money back, or if this is a scam artist is my money gone?

  15. saeedbhatti says:

    how you participate with me to send your Ads on my web also how i arrange the process of sending and receiving money on line thorough
    my web

  16. Great article. I using AlertPay to send and receive money online. But some time it was be DDos.

  17. daniele says:

    I heard about it..I use Paypal and its very good…morover not all site accept alertpay

  18. Talkingbees says:


    Can I Pay a person having alert pay with my paypal ??

  19. Roseate says:

    no, alertpay doesn’t accept paypal payments

  20. Sheryl says:

    Alertpay is usually preferred payment method in PTC sites. I just noticed that, hehe…I have AP account also but not verified. I still prefer Paypal since its tested and used. Thanks for this info. :)

  21. Jonas says:

    You can earn alot of money on internet with one owesome site… you should try it i made 50$ and its owesome :)

    Check it out

  22. zeeshan says:

    how can i pay through alertpay on any of site that offer online shopping? plz mail me if anybody knows. my email ID is

  23. Hei. I just create a new site with affiliate program that use automatically rewarding by alertpay and paypal.

    Thanks for this great info.

  24. Sarah says:

    I am glad there is a PayPal alternative but I’ve never seen any online shops and games supporting the AlertPay till now. My personal Paypal protest is simple: I use prepaid cards for online payments. Paysafecard, for example, and it’s also a safe way to transfer your money via Internet.

  25. Required says:

    Sarah, your post tickled my curiosity. What is the process of using prepaid cards? And where can I get one?
    Thanks in advance

  26. Zeeshan says:

    plz send me a list of sites that support pakistan in ONLINE shopping through alertpay!! my email ay yahoo and hotmail is “zeeshan579″ without the Symobls of course!

  27. Jack says:

    Thank you for this very interesting article!
    I do it like Sarah and I use the Paysafecard, too. I love it because it’s safe, anonymous and because you have always a control about the amounts the you spend. If you don’t have an amount of money as credit you can’t spend it.
    I use it for Amazon, and I can but a lot of great stuff there! And it’s also great in Skype (I use it a lot because I have a lot friends which live far away) and for online gaming.

  28. Required says:

    Hi Jack,
    I see you’re using this Paysafecard too. Where can I get one?
    I was using my credit card for buying things online, but I don’t feel comfortable with that idea any more. If I can use that card on Amazon, then I think my problem is solved. Are there any other sites you can purchase goods with it?

  29. Phil says:


    They are sold at all kinds of shops all over Europe.
    Just take a look at their website (google it ;) ). There’s a shop finder in the “buy” section that shows you all vendors in your area.

  30. Required says:

    Google it (lol) good point!
    So yeah, I did and it seems I can get it on a local gas station :)
    There are some promotions on their site… I just glanced at it and it seems you can get some Paysafecards for free. Anyone tried it? Or won? :) I’m curious fella, I know ^^

  31. Jack says:

    I’ve already some of those raffles, but I haven’t won anything.
    But the problem is also that I’m chronically unlucky, so it would be a wonder if I’d win something.
    But I love it that the Paysafecard organizes promotions like that. It’s a fantastic for people which love playing or purchasing.

  32. Required says:

    That chronically unlucky phrase made me laugh as that is the very reason I haven’t tried it yet. But I saw a game too, and that’s the one I’m gonna try for sure!
    BTW, I got one of 10e value to try it out. Now I can’t decide where to spend it :D
    It’s really amazing way to purchase online!!! Thank you guys much :)

  33. Phil says:

    I basically participate in ANY raffle I find so yeah I did and yeah I’ve won a few times as well.
    Chances are pretty good there :)
    Congrats to you, anyway!

    • Required says:

      It’s supported by Steam now as well ;)

      • PingPong says:

        I’ve read it today on their website, that’s really a great news!
        I don’t have my own credit card, now I can get my free portal and buy the games with that prepaid voucher.
        And I’ve also read that there’s a new raffle with an easy question about “Aion: Assault on Balaurea”. :)

        • Required says:

          Funny thing is I have a card for online payment, but I feel far more comfortable with Paysafecard as there is no personal info required and no way to get cracked account like on PayPal or similar sites because there’s no account needed! And the option for a password protection is also a plus in case you’re leaving the physical card on your computer desk and have younger sisters or brothers who play online games ]:)

          • PingPong says:

            Yes, I’ve got your same idea about it.
            I use it for a lot of things, Facebook, Bwin, Skype… that’s so great!
            And now I can spend some money in the web, my Mummy didn’t want that I use her CC hehe.

  34. earnfromhome says:

    Alertpay is very reliable..

  35. To create an API certificate, you must have a PayPal Business or Premier Account. … Once you have downloaded this utility

  36. lisa says:

    hi rose, thanks….very useful article. I just have a few question regarding linked cards. I linked my debit card to alertpay but I was declined when I tried to pay for a particular website. That card worked using my paypal, do I still have to verify my card, I was only trying to pay $5 so I thought there was no need to be verified. Do u have any idea why?


  37. Yeah, it is a reliable alternate for PayPal at the moment. Though their fees are a bit high, they offer a good conversion rate all the time.

  38. ya!I have find here a nice advice about Online payments process by this nice article.It is really a helpful suggestion.

  39. Archie Hill says:

    there are mnay used books online and the price is cheap too but i wonder if the quality of it is good ‘”"

  40. Joelando says:

    online shop support Alertpay

  41. paypal website very nice web for online process

  42. tires says:

    Great to see other alternatives to paypal, it just makes it better for the consumers and us who use it in the end!


  43. kev says:

    log ago was good but now boff … sevice has regress!!

    check and credit card withdraw is now unavailable alertpay cannot tell you when it will ok!!!

    customerservice stop reply ticket for problem.

    phone alertpay to look for solution to your problem…. line hold on …stand by for hours and its you who pay telephone bill…. alertpay become suck…..

  44. We have a Business account by Alertpay and are selling online for more than 4 years. As a main payment processor we are using Alertpay and are very satisfied with them. Also we think that Alertpay is much better than Paypal.

  45. Shane Biemer says:

    Howdy! I know this is kinda off topic nevertheless I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest writing a blog article or vice-versa? My blog addresses a lot of the same subjects as yours and I think we could greatly benefit from each other. If you are interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Great blog by the way!

  46. okpay says:


    [...]AlertPay – PayPal Alternative Online Payment Process |[...]…

  47. Alertpay is very good and it also gives me the opportunity of making huge cash from a programme on autopilot.I will like you also to download this EBOOK report.

  48. All Things Luxury says:

    We also plan on accepting AlertPay very soon.

  49. visit to see for yourself how to invest $10 or $37 out of your AlertPay or PayPal cash and get instant gains plus viral way of making money by just giving out a very EBOOK freely.

  50. Wajahat Tasleem says:

    Hi Friends, here, I want to share another but better Paypal alternative and that is ecom Solutions Pakistan.I think its a good option for online payment services.

  51. [...] Their payment process is also an international one, unlike paypal that is not available for some countries, AdBux will pay you through AlertPay that is free and open for almost all countries….You may read my post about AlertPay ==> AlertPay – PayPal Alternative Online Payment Process [...]

  52. [...] pay “daily” through AlertPay so it is worldwide (Read more about AlertPay payment process here). The minimum payout is [...]

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    AlertPay – PayPal Alternative Online Payment Process :…

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